ZTERM for Windows CE

Updated Nov 16, 2010

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What's Here?

Introduction to ZTERM CE
Product Status - find out about the current and upcoming releases
Install ZTERM - pretty simple really!
Platform Limitations - some things to watch out for on various HPCs


ZTERM for Windows CE is a fully featured terminal emulator for Windows CE 2.11 and later. With over 20,000 copies installed on desktop Windows platforms, ZTERM for Windows CE is a stable and well tested program that's used every day to connect Windows machines to Unix and AMOS host computers, routers, switches and many other devices.

ZTERM Profile Editor ZTERM connected to an Alpha Micro machine ZTERM connected to SunOS
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ZTERM for Windows CE emulates the following terminals:

ZTERM for Windows CE can connect to the host via the following methods:

It also features accurate screen printing and a dot-matrix printer emulator that can produce 80x66 and 132x66 output on any printer supported by Windows CE. Host output can be printed to using printer pass through commands or via an LPR/LPD interface. ZTERM also supports redirection of printer output to a serial or parallel port.

ZTERM for Windows CE also includes Smart-Mouse technology, permitting navigation of most host menus using the mouse and has logging and file transfer capabilities via FTP

You can read more about ZTERM by looking at the main ZTERM page; most of the information there also applies to ZTERM for Windows CE.

Product Status

Version 2.1 is the current version and runs on all HPC/Pro devices including 1/2 VGA displays.

Pricing has been set at $59.95 per copy. Online purchasing is available from our on-line sales partner, Digital River or for bulk purchases, contact one of our ZTERM distributors

To download the release of ZTERM for Windows CE, please visit our Download section. If you want to find the latest news about ZTERM/CE, you can read the release notes.

Installing ZTERM for Windows CE

If you're using the 2.1 beta version, there are no .cab files - you must transfer the setup utility to your desktop PC and then install ZTERM/CE via ActiveSync.

Platform Limitations

These problems are machine specific issues that we cannot work around. Please remember that in the Windows CE world, there is no standard hardware platform like there is in the desktop environment - as a result, there are subtle implementation differences in many devices and this can result in some odd operation.

Also please keep in mind power usage. If ZTERM has an open connection to any device, the HPC will not power off. This is a limitation on Windows CE when a socket (a telnet connection for example) is open. We force the same restriction in ZTERM for serial ports and modems to maintain the same operation as with telnet and also because powering off ZTERM when connected to a serial port or modem may cause some undesired behaviour when the device is powered back on.

HP Jornada 820 (Strong ARM SA-1100)
  • Serial reception is very bursty due to the serial port implentation in the StrongArm SA-1100 chip. The port driver supplied by HP doesn't signal programs like ZTERM when receiving data until there is a pause in reception or about 1500 characters are received. At high baud rates, this really isn't noticable, but at low rates, the emulator will seem very jumpy.
  • The keyboard driver doesn't accept Win+Ctrl+3 to simulate the F13 key. All other keyboard combinations work fine, but this one plain doesn't work. You have to use the Function Key toolbar to generate this key sequence or use Smart Mouse.
  • It appears the the Jornada's serial driver doesn't support 7-data bits or parity
Compaq Aero 8000 (Hitachi SH4)
  • No odd items found, however, keep in mind that on the Aero 8000, the serial port and sync port are actually the same port, so don't connect both cables at the same time.
Clio (MIPS)
  • No problems found.
1/2 VGA Displays
  • The viewable text size will be very small. We suggest using the 24 line ANSI or VT100 emulators and run ZTERM in full-screeen mode with the Andale Mono font. You can switch in and out of full-screen mode with Alt+Enter.