Version 2.8, build 53:
  • All: Fixed a crash with some Dektec devices
  • All: Fixed a memory leak when the H.264 decoder fails
  • All: Fixed an issue where TSReader would set the wrong VLC directory path on 64-bit operating systems
  • All: In the UDP, RTP and HRTP source module stream selection dialog, the friendly name for the network adapter is now shown
  • Pro: The stream monitor filename can now be set. If left blank, TSReader uses its default name which is StreamMonitor-yyyymmdd.txt in the TSReader folder
  • All: The TBS 5590 source modules now show the signal level in dBm, the carrier-to-noise ratio in dB and the bit-error-rate (BER)
  • All: The ISDB-T tuner dialog now allows selection between the channel numbers used in the Americas and Japan
  • All: A new TBS 5590 source module is included that supports variable symbol rate QAM-B signals. The default QAM-B source module uses the two fixed symbol rates used for 64QAM and 256QAM modes that's supported in North America
  • Pro: Added the ability to print TSWatcher error reports