SATCODX Satellite Chart

 SatTracker 2

Updated Nivember 15, 1998


This is a beta version of the SatTracker2 ActiveX control. This control runs on Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 with the Authenticode 2.0 add-on or later. If you want to use any other version, you'll need to set your security level to medium and then accept the control without a certificate.

Although this version does calculate correct look angles, if you want to calculate correct look angles that are guaranteed correct, the older Java SatTracker applet will get them right! Lyngemark Satellite Chart is the official home of SatTracker.

Right now, the elements for SBS-4 are loaded. Check out the new Inclined orbit display that shows the orbit for geostationary satellites. They really do move!

The Inclined option has a few errors in this beta and the functionality to allow other developers to use SatTracker2 as a "black box" for calculating look angles isn't present yet.

Also in the download area is the new Standalone SatTracker application. You can read more about the Standalone version by following this link.