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Updated November 16, 2010

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General Ordering Information

For payments to COOL.STF, we accept payment either in US Dollars, English Pounds or Australian Dollars. If you're not paying in US Dollars, please use the current exchange rate to translate to either Sterling or Australian Dollars. If you want to pay for ActiveX controls using a credit card, we can accept payments via PayPals. If you're not in an area serviced by PayPals and you're from a bona-fide company, we'll normally send the control out if you let us know that payment is on it's way.

We distribute our software via email, so when you order make sure you include your email address. If you can't handle UU encoded or MIME binary attachments, let us know and we'll make the control available via a "secret" URL.

US Dollars

Send a check or money order in US Dollars payable to "Rod Hewitt" to:

Rod Hewitt, COOLSTF.com
11614 Waesche Drive
Bowie MD 20721

English Pounds

Send a UK cheque or EuroCheque in Sterling payable to "Rod Hewitt" to:

Rod Hewitt, COOLSTF.com
Hurley Cottage
Wareside, Ware
Herts SG12 7QP

Australian Dollars

Send a AU$ cheque payable to "Dudley Hewitt" to:

Dudley Hewitt, COOLSTF.com
131a Allen Street
Leichhardt, NSW 2040

Upgrade Information

When you buy software from us we keep your information on file and let you know when updates are available. Generally upgrades fall into one of the following categories:

Bug Fixes Same version, but a new build. Free.
Next Minor Level For example, going from version 1.1 to 1.2. Free.
New Major Level For example, going from version 1.0 to version 2.0. 50% of new license.

Many companies offer discounts for upgrades to the next major version of a product. Whenever we offer major upgrades our products, the chances are that there was just as much work put into creating the new major version as the prior version and therefore the cost is still reasonable.

ZTERM 2000 Pricing

ZTERM 2000 is sold on a per PC basis. You need a code in order to make ZTERM 2000 operate past their evaluation periods and each code is different. ZTERM 2000 evaluates for free for 30 days and ActiveZTERM for 14 days.

ZTERM 2000 is significantly less expensive than AlphaLAN and similar terminal emulators. We believe that quality software doesn't have to cost a fortune, especially with a product as important as host connectivity. For a detailed quote, contact your local distributor.

Ordering ZTERM 2000 depends on where you're located:

Western Europe (except Italy) ICS Software Ltd. Phone: +44 1672 521212 Fax: +44 1672 521002 Email: zterm@folio2000.co.uk
North America (US & Canada) Microsabio. Phone: +1 818-710-8437 Fax: +1  818-480-4367  Email: zterm@microsabio.com
Italy  CCS Srl. Phone +39 059 64.00.66 Fax: +39 059 64.06.06 Email:info@ccssrl.it
Australia Computer Sort. Phone: +61 2 9807 3663 Fax: +61 2 9808 6923 Email:zterm@sort.com.au
France  Pacific. Phone: +33 2 35 56 80 72 Fax: +33 2 35 56 06 24 Email:commercial@pacific.fr
Microsabio. Phone: +1 818-710-8437 Fax: +1  818-480-4367  Email: zterm@microsabio.com

If you're planning on ordering at least 20 copies of ZTERM 2000, instead of sending individual codes back and forth via email, you'll receive a dongle that allows you to generate the codes yourself using the software available from the Download page. Once the codes have been used, the dongle must be returned in order to have it "recharged". The dongle connects to the parallel port so you can take it to client's site and generate the codes while you're there.

If you're going to be installing ZTERM 2000 onto a network with Windows NT Servers, license verification can be done via one or more of the NT Servers. Each NT Server can license up to 250 copies of ZTERM 2000 for a small additional charge per server. This option is well worth the money as it makes ZTERM 2000 even easier to install.

When ZTERM 2000 is used on Windows NT Terminal Server, the network licensing model is mandatory and each instance of ZTERM counts as a user-license.

ZTERM for Windows CE Pricing & Ordering

ZTERM CE doesn't have an expiration date but limits all connections to about 15 minutes and frequently reminds you to register the software. To register, you need a serial number and lock code for each HPC you plan on using ZTERM on.

There are two ways to obtain licenses for ZTERM CE:

On-Line Ordering $59.95 per HPC. Support is via email only. Please visit our on-line partner, Digital River to purchase ZTERM CE on-line
Via a Distributor Distributors will be able to offer you quantity discounts and optional support plans other than email.

ActiveX Control Pricing
Except ActiveZTERM

Our ActiveX controls are licensed on a per-developer basis. Although this is very hard to police, we do insist that if you have multiple team members working on a project using our controls, each developer needs to have his or her own license.

Support for ActiveX controls is via email only. We don't give support on our free controls.

RASDial Professional $25 object license. $199 source license.
EZFTP Professional $49 object license. $99 source license.
ASPI Control $99 object license. $199 source license.

Object licenses allow unlimited run time distribution of our controls. Obviously, you are expressly prohibited from distributing the .LIC file with your application as this gives your users who happen to also be developers carte-blanche to develop using our controls without paying the license fee.

The source license allow you to use the code for any purpose except: